A Man Emailed His Wife A Spreadsheet That Logged All The The Times She'd Said No To Sex




This is it. This is pretty much the pentacle of male privilege in the U.S. When a husband whole heartedly believes that he is a victim to unfair treatment by his wife because she denied him sex 26 times in a month.  

When a man think his pleasures is more important than a women NOT WANTING TO HAVE SEX and since they are married he has every right to her body and by denying him access to her body she is denying him said right. 

He thinks her “excuses” for having sex are also unreasonable. And what are some of those “excuses”?

-She was too tired to have sex.

-She was sick.

-She was too drunk.

-She felt tender (in vaginal region) after having sex the other day.

-They didn’t have enough time because they had somewhere to be. (Which means he was fully prepared to have enough time to get himself off INSIDE his wife while knowing they wouldn’t have enough time for her pleasure)

These are all unreasonable “excuses”

 I saw the Reddit thread, and most people were siding with him because she was committing the unacceptable crime of not having sex with him, and even among those who were more sympathetic were starting with ”he did it in an immature way…BUT” and it’s just so depressing how much people hate women that are not ”fulfilling their purpose” of being fucked by men. 

The comments on the Buzzfeed link are full of women defending the guy.

It makes me so fucking sick.

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"Yet my tears are stanched at last and dried,
and the bitter wound has finally healed
that pierced me through from one side to the other.
As if jolted awake from sweet sleep all at once,
I drew courage from the risk I’d avoided,
though a woman, born to milder tasks;
and, blade in hand, I learned warrior’s skills,
so that, by handling weapons, I learned
that women by nature are no less agile than men….”

-Veronica Franco, poet and courtesan during the Italian Renaissance

Poems and Selected Letters; Capitolo 16 

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Future career

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"I’ve always loved the idea of not being what people expect me to be."

Dita Von Teese (via reneexpearl)

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Cat takes care of kitten having nightmare


Cat takes care of kitten having nightmare

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Complex Magazine BTS

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"The mind is a city like London,
Smoky and populous: it is a capital
Like Rome, ruined and eternal,
Marked by the monuments which no one
Now remembers. For the mind, like Rome, contains
Catacombs, aqueducts, amphitheaters, palaces,
Churches and equestrian statues, fallen, broken or soiled.
The mind possesses and is possessed by all the ruins
Of every haunted, hunted generation’s celebration."

Delmore Schwartz, Narcissus  (via rabbitinthemoon)

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"She it is, she, that found me
In the morphia honeymoon;
With silk and steel she bound me
In her poisonous milk she drowned me,
Even now her arms surround me."

Aleister Crowley (via rabbitinthemoon)

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"There’s something fairy-tale-like about it, which is perfect, because fairy tales are all about innocence and ill will and the inevitability of terrible things. They’re all about the moment when the girl is no longer who she was."

Nina LaCour, Everything Leads to You (via rabbitinthemoon)

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Bisexual women and lesbians would give violets to the woman they were wooing, symbolizing their “Sapphic” desire. Sappho described, in a poem, herself and a lover wearing garlands of violets. The giving of violets was popular in the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

can we just


giving violets to the femme of your desires


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[finds the most sarcastic asshole in the series] my love


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